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Vision och strategy

Our goal is to increase the quality of life of patients suffering from chronic diseases by providing innovative home treatments

Our Vision

Our vision at Nordic Infucare is to increase the independence and the quality of life of patients suffering from chronic diseases.

We achieve this mission by providing innovative solutions including medical devices, novel pharmaceuticals, and support to the medical community as well as to patients treated in their home.

In addition to giving patients flexibility in their treatment, Nordic Infucare is helping to lighten the pressure that a growing population has on traditional medical support models.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy relies on a triangle model which combines a drug, a medical device, and support services.

Our pharmaceuticals:

Thanks to long-term partnerships with international pharmaceutical companies, Nordic Infucare has brought to the Nordic region medicines which dramatically improve our patients’ treatments.

Nordic Infucare has kept its focus on certain specific therapeutic areas where it has proven expertise and where we believe we can have an even greater impact on the disease and how it is managed.

Our medical devices:

Nordic Infucare distributes innovative medical devices providing the most advanced treatments in order to improve patients’ quality of life.

We select products and create solutions that fit our patients’ needs as well as the Nordic market standards.

Nordic Infucare has a complete range of high quality products manufactured by international companies leading within their specialty areas. All products are meeting all the requirements and regulation for European medical products. All products are CE- marked.

Our support:

To avoid complications in care and treatment Nordic Infucare has developed, in collaboration with the medical community, Patient Support Programs for several of its treatments.

It is essential for us to identify patients that could benefit from a specific home support, and to provide them with the tools, training, coaching and motivation they need to adhere to our treatments.

Our support programs are adapted to each patient and are performed and developed in close collaboration with the medical staff of the clinics we work with.

Doing so helps prevent costly hospitalizations and diminished quality of life. We contribute actively to improving healthcare and economic outcomes by offering integrated solutions to practitioners, payers and patients. Our programs aim to contribute to improved disease management, patient support, and enhanced coordination and provision of care.

Our multi-disciplinary teams work on a daily basis with the medical community, patients and their care givers to provide this support as effectively as possible.