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We are Infucare

Our company in a few words...

Mats Bergryd started Nordic Infucare in Stockholm in 2004 with the goal to provide specialized treatment for patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Thanks to years of experience Nordic Infucare has acquired significant expertise and developed a strong market presence in the field of Diabetes, Cardiology and Pulmonology, Neurology, and Immunology.

In each of these fields, Nordic Infucare provides drugs and/or medical devices, and has developed a structured support to patients and medical staff.

Thanks to a flexible and agile organization, as well as experts used to work in complex and rapidly changing environments, Nordic Infucare can react quickly to its changing patients’ needs.

Nordic Infucare has recently been acquired by Air Liquide Healthcare. The Air Liquide Group commits over the long-term when performing a transaction, investing continuously in its new subsidiaries, which are not subject to further sale.

This ownership structure assures a long-term engagement of Nordic Infucare towards its customers along with high quality services and products.

Until today, Nordic Infucare has kept its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and has become a leading home infusion treatments provider in the Nordic region.