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General Enquiry

This form applies to General Enquiry.

For product questions, orders, support or complaints please choose another type of request

Diabetes - support, claims and product questions

If you are English speaking please call us for Diabetes support and product questions or use our local language forms below.

Phone numbers

Sweden: +4686012440

Denmark: +4570281024

Finland: +358207348760

Norway: +4722206000

Diabetes contact forms





Parkinson - support and product questions

This form is for general product support questions.

Other therapy areas - support and product questions

Order, delivery and invoice questions

This form applies to orders, delivery and invoice questions.

Är du Användare eller Vårdnadshavare?
Delivery address

Report a product defect (Complaint)

What to report?

All defects for a medicine/medical device shall be reported. Examples of defects:

  • Broken tablets
  • Wrong color
  • Wrong smell or taste
  • Broken inner packaging
  • Errors in technical details (injection tubes that leak, pumps with an error message, syringes, applicators, etc.)
  • Incorrect text on outer packaging (e.g. lack of local language)
  • Incorrect text in the package insert/instructions accompanying the product

How do I report a product defect?

If you are a patient or reporting on behalf of a patient (not working in the healthcare sector) who wishes to report product defects for medicines should first of all contact the pharmacy. You can also directly contact the Medical Products Agency ( The staff at the pharmacies also have a great deal of knowledge about medicines and can help you make a complaint. It is important that you get help in order to continue your treatment.

If you are a medical device user or reporting on behalf of someone using a medical device (not working in the healthcare sector) and want to report a defect on a medical device you can either talk to your doctor/nurse for help or report directly to the manufacturer.

If you want to send a complaint directly to NordicInfu Care, you can do so via the form below. Please leave your name and contact information for follow-up purposes.

Can NordicInfu Care contact you?
Is the product available and can be sent to the manufacturer for investigation?

Report side effects

What is a side effect?

A side effect (also known as adverse reaction) is a harmful and unintended response to a medicine and an Incident is a harmful or unintended event when using a medical device. This includes any undesirable patient effect suspected to be associated with the product use. An unintended effect, product abuse, overdose, interaction (including drug-drug and drug-food interactions) and unusual lack of therapeutic efficacy are all considered to be reportable side effects.

Fill out the form below to report side effects regarding products (medicines (LM) and medical devices (MD)) distributed by NordicInfu Care. Please leave your name and contact information for follow-up purposes.

If you are not the affected patient yourself, we ask that you do not provide the person's identity. Fields marked with * are mandatory for us to process your report.

Can NordicInfu Care contact you?
Who experienced the side effect?
Did the side effect lead/incident to any of the following?
Does NordicInfu Care have your permission to contact your doctor to obtain a medical assessment of the side effect/incident?