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Support and Training - Immunology

Get started with subcutaneous drug therapy

Get started with subcutaneous drug therapy

Support and training

If self-medication is to be successful, the patient's aids need to be of the very highest quality, Carers and patients also need to be given training and professional support when the need arises. Nordic Infucare's services here are outstanding. We have been in the market for a long time and we are an operator everyone in the care chain can rely on, not just at the start but throughout the period of treatment.  

How to get started with subcutaneous infusion therapy 

Working with subcutaneous infusion therapy is neither difficult nor hard work. On the contrary, it makes life easier for the clinic and for patients. There is something of a run-up in the form of planning and training in procedure, medical technology and aids. Nordic Infucare is always there to help whenever the clinic needs it.   


Nordic Infucare offers a holistic solution in the true sense of the term: 

  • A well-established team with knowledge and experience 
  • Induction, planning and training of healthcare staff
  • Support before, during and after induction 
  • Broad range of infusion pumps, infusion sets and accessories
  • Direct ordering and prescribable consumables

Nordic Infucare passes on assistance and support for other subcutaneous therapies such as diabetesParkinson and PAH.  

If you have questions about our products and their use, you are most welcome to contact us via our contact form. We always reply within 24 hours, and usually the same day.