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Subcutaneous infusion therapy

Subcutaneous method in administration of medication

About the subcutaneous method

Medication is delivered to the body via the subcutaneous tissue instead of intravenous administration. The medication can be delivered in various ways, through an infusion pump or manually (Rapid Push).

Advantages of the subcutaneous method over intravenous administration 

  • Achieving equivalent IgG levels(1)  
  • Improved quality of life(2)
  • Benefits for society, the health service and the patient 

Suited to care at home 

The subcutaneous method is well suited to self-medication, that is to say the patient performing their own therapy, with the assistance of friends and family, home nursing care or a personal assistant in the home setting.   

  • The patient becomes independent of the health service in their everyday life and can receive therapy when it suits them 
  • The patient does not need to travel to hospital for treatment 
  • There is no risk of the patient acquiring hospital infections 

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