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Are you looking for a partner in the Nordic region? We are big believers in home treatments! Contact us!

Nordic Infucare is always looking to introduce new innovative products that serve patients’ needs.  

We have developed successful long-term relationships with international companies since Nordic Infucare has been founded, based on mutual trust and a constant desire to collaborate for long-term growth.

Building an activity in the Nordic country is complex, especially when it comes to reaching a critical size. No matter where you are on your journey in the launch/commercialization of your product(s) and what your challenges are, chances are that we have faced the same issues and we can overcome them together by building a partnership.

We have a unique Nordic organization

We have a unique Nordic organization which enables us to promote and market your products in all Nordic countries from day one. The exceptional execution capabilities of our sales structure are at the basis of our outstanding performance since the start of the company.

Thanks to a tremendous market knowledge our teams will work with you in establishing a successful market access strategy, and will assist you on all regulatory, quality, and pharmacovigilance requirements over the product life cycle.

Nordic Infucare can handle both medical devices and drugs. Providing a complete offer: an infused or inhaled drug, a medical device, and home support, has been the core business of the company since its inception.

When required, Nordic Infucare can easily develop patient support programs that are implemented by its highly-qualified nursing team.

We are an enthusiastic team of professionals with holistic experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. There is always someone who can ask the right questions! We are, above all, doers and we gladly roll up our sleeves when needed and find the perfect distribution/service model for you.

Whether you look for a simple product distribution or a more sophisticated approach in your complex treatment delivery, Nordic Infucare is the right partner for you! 

Growth through acquisitions

The future growth of Nordic Infucare is also expected to be achieved in part through company acquisitions. Therefore, we are always looking for new investments in the Nordic and Baltic medical and pharmaceutical industry.

We purchase profitable, well-managed companies that are able to continue business as usual and keep their name and culture after the acquisition.

Our parent company, Air Liquide, is a long-term owner, which continuously invest in its new subsidiaries.

Should you want to discuss a potential investment/partnership, please do not hesitate to contact us.