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CRONO infusion pumps

For subcutaneous infusion therapy

The CRONO portable infusion pump for subcutaneous delivery of medication has been available for many years in the Nordic Region and is used by both children and adult patients.

The CRONO infusion pump is simple and easy to operate, increasing freedom for the health service and patients. The infusion pump can be set to a precise flow rate or infusion time, which can also be changed while therapy is in progress. Its convenient size and low weight make it ideal for use both in the home setting and in the health service.

When the infusion pump has been set with the correct parameters for therapy, it is started by a single button press. The infusion ends automatically, and all settings remain until the next therapy.

Nordic Infucare can offer the pump in five different versions. It is indicated for subcutaneous delivery of immunoglobulins and for the treatment of chronic postoperative pain.

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All the accessories can be ordered direct from Nordic Infucare.

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