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CRONO Super PID 10/20 ml

Article number: 20 20 92

A portable infusion pump designed for subcutaneous administration of immunoglobulin.

The CRONO Super PID 10/20 is used together with paired syringes, 10 ml or 20 ml. Its small size and low weight make it perfect for use in the home setting. The infusion pump is easy and convenient to operate. The lockable settings minimise the risk of making accidental changes. The pump does not require any functional maintenance.

The CRONO Super PID 10/20 can be set to a precise infusion time, which can also be changed while therapy is in progress. When the infusion pump has been set with the correct parameters for therapy, it is started by a single button press. The infusion ends automatically, and all settings remain until the next therapy.

The CRONO Super PID 10/20 is supplied in a starter kit including

  • Infusion pump
  • Two batteries
  • Battery compartment opening tool
  • Elastic waist belt 
  • Neck strap 
  • Fabric case
  • Instructions for use
  • Quick guide – step by step