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CRONO Accessories

For CRONO infusion pumps

Here you can find all the accessories for CRONO infusion pumps.

All the accessories can be ordered direct from Nordic Infucare via

If you would like to know how we can make work easier for your clinic and help you choose the right aids for your patients, talk to us at Nordic Infucare. 

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CRONO Battery

Article number: 20 25 13*

Lithium battery CR123A 3V, suitable for all CRONO infusion pumps (not CRONO JET 100).  

Long battery life, for around 60 - 100 infusions, depending on model of infusion pump.

* Can also be prescribed in Sweden (for collection from pharmacy) or ordered direct via Nordic Infucare.

CRONO Battery compartment opening tool

Article number: 90501

Tool to open battery compartment in battery replacement. 

The tool is intended for all CRONO infusion pumps. 

CRONO Neck strap

Article number: 20 14 76

Fabric neck strap paired with all CRONO infusion pumps and attached to the eyes on the pump.

CRONO Elastic waist belt

Article number: 20 14 74

Elastic waist belt with Velcro attachment paired with all CRONO infusion pumps.

Length 85 cm, washable.

CRONO Adjustable waist belt

Article number: 91 01 05

Elastic adjustable waist belt with buckle paired with all CRONO infusion pumps. 

Length 115 cm, washable.

CRONO Fabric case

Article number: 20 14 71

Fabric case suitable for all CRONO infusion pumps. 

Sewn-in loop for the waist belt, washable.


Article number: 91 01 04

Dispensing pin to assist in drawing medication up into the syringe. Paired with CRONO 50 and 100 ml syringes Supplied in the pump starter kit. The dispensing pin can be used several times, not for single use.


Article number: 91 00 06

Battery-operated device to assist in drawing up medication. The CRONO JET 100 is designed solely for use in filling the CRONO 100 ml syringe.  Can be used several times, not for single use.

The CRONO JET 100 uses 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries. Rechargeable batteries must not be used.