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Soft Glide Infusion Set

Infusion set with 24G steel needle

Infusion set with easy-grip and soft safety wings that enclose the needle when it is removed.

Soft Glide® SAF-Q has a steel needle with 90° insertion and a silicone casing, making it easy to apply subcutaneously. Soft Glide SAF-Q has a coarser needle, 24G, making it possible to administer medication with a faster subcutaneous flow rate.

Soft Glide® SAF-Q one-way

Art. No. Soft Glide SAF-Q - one-way infusion set Qty per pack
737321* 9 mm needle with 90 cm tubing 10 per pack
737321-50 9 mm needle with 90 cm tubing 50 per pack
737322-50 12 mm needle with 70 cm tubing 50 per pack

* Can also be prescribed in Sweden (for collection from pharmacy)