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Electronic infusion pumps

For subcutaneous infusion therapy

Our portable infusion pumps are specially adapted for subcutaneous administration of medication and well suited to self-medication.

Electronic infusion pumps

Nordic Infucare’s infusion pumps are battery-operated and user-friendly, so that they can be used both in the home setting and in the health service. The convenient size and low weight of the infusion pumps make them ideal for home use and give the patient freedom to take part in everyday activities during the therapy. Patients can administer their own therapy, with the help of friends and family, home nursing care or a personal assistant in the home. All the infusion pumps can be used for both children and adults.

Subcutaneous infusion therapy is well suited to diagnoses such as primary and secondary immunodeficiency, types of anaemia requiring blood transfusions such as thalassaemia, treatment of pain and in autoimmune conditions with neurological symptoms such as CIDP.

For more information about our infusion pumps, see the appropriate pump family below.

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