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neria™ singel - steel cannula

A one-way infusion set with a steel needle and integrated skin-friendly adhesive pad.7

The neria™ single infusion set is a user-friendly one-way infusion set with an integrated skin-friendly adhesive pad.

The neria™ single has a double-ground steel needle that provides a gentle2 90° insertion angle. Available in four needle lengths and with a standard luer lock connection. Not disconnectable. The infusion set has a low priming volume3, resulting in minimal drug wastage.

The neria™ single infusion set is intended for subcutaneous infusion of immunoglobulins for the treatment of primary immunodeficiency, deferoxamine mesylate for thalassaemia, apomorphine for Parkinson's disease and morphine for pain therapy.8

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Art. No. neria™ single – single-needle infusion set Qty per pack
20 29 90 6 mm needle with 60 mm tubing 27G 10 per pack
91 22 73 8 mm needle with 60 cm tubing 27G 10 per pack
20 29 92 8 mm needle with 80 cm tubing 27G 10 per pack
20 29 95 10 mm needle with 80 cm tubing 27G 10 per pack
73 48 40 12 mm needle with 80 cm tubing 27G 10 per pack
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