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Rapid Push technique

Manual administration of medication

Rapid Push is a way of delivering medication to the body subcutaneously without an infusion pump.

The Rapid Push method(1,2) can be a simple and convenient method for certain patients. The patient needs a syringe and an infusion set. Rapid Push requires a needle gauge of at least 24G. The medication is then delivered manually.

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BD syringes

Syringes adapted to Rapid Push technology with standard luer-lock connection. 

The BD syringes can be ordered direct from Nordic Infucare.

Art. No. Description Associated infusion set Qty per pack
94 77 10 BD syringe 10 ml Soft Glide, 24G steel needle, 30cm tubing 100 per pack
94 77 20 BD syringe 20 ml Soft Glide, 24G steel needle, 30cm tubing 60 per pack

* Can also be prescribed in Sweden (for collection from pharmacy)

Soft Glide® SAF-Q Infusion Set

Article number: 73 73 20*

The Soft-Glide SAF-Q one-way with 9mm steel needle and 30cm tubing is paired with Rapid Push technology. The needle has a silicone casing, making it easy to apply.

Soft Glide SAF-Q one-way has a coarser needle, 24G, making it possible to administer medication with a faster subcutaneous flow rate.

* Can also be prescribed in Sweden (for collection from pharmacy)

1 Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin therapy given by subcutaneous rapid push vs infusion pump: a retrospective analysis, Shapiro, Ralph S.Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology 2013; 111 51-55

2 Rapid Push: new opportunities in subcutaneous immunoglobulin replacement therapy Pac, Malgorzata. Bernatowska, Ewa Central European of Immunology, 2013; 38 (3): 388-392